In Print! Stories of Open: Opening peer review through narrative inquiry

Stories of Open: Opening Peer Review Through Narrative Inquiry book cover image

It is with excitement and a joyful anxiety that I break our regular programming to share this news: Stories of Open: Opening peer review through narrative inquiry is now available for purchase in the ALA Store! (It’s also an OA book, downloadable here.)

This book project is what prompted me to continue to gather and share stories on this website. From the introduction of the book:

I continue to work to edit and publish stories here, apologies for the lull and interruption, but things have been busy!

In this exercise of researching and writing—exploring ways of knowing through narrative of human experience—I have also come to be acquainted with our colleagues who bravely shared their thoughts. We theorized together, and together we explored their (and our collective) emotional experiences. Each and every conversation required folks to be vulnerable and trusting, and in return I have striven to offer you their experiences with loving kindness. This book is as much theirs as it is mine, and as it is yours. In the interest of protecting individual privacy, I have used pseudonyms for each individual mentioned below, with the exception of Stuart, who agreed to openly share their story. Stories from individuals with pseudonyms have been edited to omit personally identifiable information, and when needed, I worked with those individuals to edit their stories to include and exclude information as they felt comfortable. I would like to introduce you to ten incredibly generous and thoughtful individuals. The headings represent the title of each individual’s interpretive narrative.

Stories of Open, page 8

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